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Nice to meet you,

My name is Zohar Levy, and for more than a decade my passion has been to provide consulting services to companies and organizations from various sectors of the economy. My approach is to leverage current public sentiment - identifying opportunities and partnerships in civil society, and in the national arena – to link my clients’ agendas to current attitudes, and thereby influence regulation and/or tie public policy to their agenda. In addition, I assist my clients in developing relationships and collaborations with international companies and organizations. As a strategic advisor, I am in day-to-day contact with decision makers in the Parliament, Government Ministries and local Municipalities to bring about a real change for the common good.

Zohar Levy

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My Specialty

I bring deep expertise and a high level of professionalism to the lobbying services, consulting and strategy for Governance and Government relations that I provide. My experience includes promoting large and complex projects in the Israeli economy. I have successfully represented leading companies in the Infrastructure (energy, water, transportation), Financial Services and Non-Profit sectors. I also have extensive experience helping foreign and international businesses who seek to expand into Israel. 

Thoughtful Ongoing Counseling and Partnership

Large and complex projects in the economy require new or changes to regulation that is set by various Government Agencies in Israel and abroad. I tailor my way of working and strategic thinking for each client based on their specific needs and execute a customized approach for connecting with senior Government officials and the Parliament, identifying mutual interests and collaborations, initiating moves, coordinating and synchronizing with Government Agencies to achieve impressive results.

Lobbying and Strategic Consulting

My Specialty

Services For Foreign / International Entities

In my lobbying work, I assist and partner with foreign and international bodies in promoting significant projects in Israel which require regulatory change and collaborative work with decision makers in the Parliament and in the Government. In addition, I can assist foreign organizations and companies in promoting their business / social collaborations in Israel and abroad.

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